Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Installing and configuring a mpd client

We will use gmpc (Gnome Music Player Client) as an example mpd client. There are many others of course. On the desktop computer, in the Terminal :
  • write "su" and press ENTER
  • enter the root password for the desktop computer
  • write "aptitude update" and press ENTER
  • write "aptitude install gmpc" and press ENTER
  • exit Terminal
Open gmpc (Gnome Music Player Client).

On the upper left side click "Music" and then "Preferences"

Under "Connection" :
  • Name = chose what you like (for example : Alix)
  • Host =
  • Port = 6601
  • leave the rest unchanged
  • click "Connect" on the lower right side
  • click "Close" on the lower right side
If you have connected your USB DAC to the Amp and the Alix and if you have entered music (for example FLAC files) into your music library (= the folder /home/your_username/music/mpd_music) you should here music as soon as you add a song to the playlist and click "Play" (or double-click on the song).


  1. I installed mpc on the Alix to test things out. It all worked! For about one hour until my DAC croaked that is. I had to replace the DAC chip today, luckily I had spares. It was just a coincidence the DAC failed while I was testing this set up.

    Today I installed the Firefox plugin "Minion" client for mpd. Works great.

    Now I'm waiting for FLAC embedded cuesheet support (coming in mpd 0.15) and I'll be all set. My album sized FLAC files are loaded to the db as single tracks.

  2. I have tried both the MPod client for the iPhone and Minion, which is a Firefox plugin, and they both worked great as MPD clients.