Friday, August 28, 2009

A better client for the Nokia N800

Until now I used the MMPC client for my Nokia N800 tablet. The client is very nice, although I was missing some features, like creation and use of playlists.

The other day I received a message from nyc_paramedic who informed me that there was a sonata client for the Nokia tablets.

I installed it and I'm really happy with it. The presentation of the song information is better than with MMPC. For example there is more room to view the usually long informations of classical music songs, which is nice.

This sonata client can also create and use playlists.

As this is a real improvement, I wanted to share this information.

Installing the sonata client on the Nokia tablet is very easy :

From within the Nokia N800 go to the following site :

and click (tap) on the green "Install" icon. That's all. Just follow the instructions on your Nokia tablet. It needs the Python library 2.5 which should already be installed if you followed my tutorial. If not, install it first.

Configuration of the sonata client :

Inside the sonata client, open the preference pane :

Tap on the top left on the word "Sonata" and then "Edit" and "Preferences". In the "MPD" tab, enter the following informations :

Name : nothing to change unless you would like to rename that
Host : your mpd server's ip address, in my case :
Port : the port number you chose, in my case : 6601
Password : nothing to change
Music library folder : enter the path to music library, in my case : /mnt/nfs/mpd_music/

Check "Autoconnect on start".

In the "Behaviour" tab I would check "Update MPD library on start".

You can change other options of course, but the above mentionned are needed to start using this client.

Enjoy your music and relax !