Monday, April 6, 2009

Configuring mpd.conf

MPD won't work until you tell it where the media files are. You do that by changing the etc/mpd.conf file on the Alix.

But first, you have to create some folders (which will be used by mpd) on the desktop computer :
  • write "cd /home/your_username/music" and press ENTER
  • write "mkdir mpd_music" and press ENTER
  • write "mkdir mpd" and press ENTER
  • write "cd /mpd" and press ENTER
  • write "mkdir playlists" and press ENTER
Then do the configuration of the mpd.conf file :
  • write "ssh -2 -p 22 root@" and press ENTER
  • enter the root password of the Alix
  • write "remountrw" and press ENTER
  • write "jed etc/mpd.conf" and press ENTER
  • change the content of this file according to the example text you find in this post.
  • save the file with "Ctrl+x+s" and quit jed with "Ctrl+x+c"
Then restart mpd :
  • write "/etc/init.d/mpd restart
Finally add the user (the one you entered in the mpd.conf file under "user") to the audio group :
  • write "adduser your_username audio" and press ENTER
  • write "remountro" and press ENTER
  • write "exit" and press ENTER (you exit the Alix)
Now, everything should be configured and working on the mpd server side.


  1. These instructions worked for my set up using cifs instead of nfs. I had to alter some path names to conform to my cifs mount points.

  2. Nice project. What about adding Icecast so you can listen to the stream over the network?