Saturday, March 21, 2009

What do we need ?

In order to build / configure the music server we will need :
  • an unused PC (where we will install Linux and which will contain the music library) -> an old one would be ok
  • a broadband Internet connection
  • a single board computer (I will use the Alix3d2) -> you can find it here =>update : see below
  • Debian Linux for the music library computer -> you can find it here
  • Voyage Linux for the single board computer -> the installation will be explained
  • MPD (Music Player Daemon) -> I will explain how to install it
  • a handheld device like the iPod Touch or any other like the Nokia N800 if you want to control the music server from your couch over WiFi
  • MPD-client -> there are many (I will list some nice ones)
  • a USB DAC (if you want good quality sound) -> for exemple this cheap one or these expensive ones
reminder : the idea for this setup and the above informations were taken from the articles from the user "nyc_paramedic" (cf. links in the last post).

update : nyc_paramedic suggested to use the 2d2 Alix board instead of the 3d2. I was able to change my order to get the 2d2, so that's the board I will use.

nyc_paramedic says :

"The Alix 2d2 is nicer because it keeps all the connectors (USB, LAN) at the back of the unit, and the LED's up front. The 3c2 has the USB ports up front & the LED's in the back. It could make for routing the USB cable to the DAC more difficult or require a longer USB cable.

With the 2d2's simple black aluminum case I have the status LED's up front and viewable from the listening seat. I can also use shorter length USB cables, i.e., with the ports facing from the back of the ALIX and USB DAC.

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